Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Via Tribunali supports Pete Holmes for City Attorney

Our friend and neighbor Quentin Ertel (Havana, The Saint) is hosting an important fundraiser this Thursday at Havana, right across the street from Caffe Vita on Capitol Hill. We’ll be there, and hope you will be, too. We support PETE HOLMES for Seattle City Attorney, for all the reasons Quentin writes about below.

Please take a look at some of his points, and join us on Thursday for an important night out. Support local politicians that make a difference! Thanks.



Hi Everyone -

I hope all is well. I'm sending you this invitation, from my personal email address, to a very important fundraiser that is happening this Thursday, October 8, at Havana, from 6 PM until 8 PM. It is a fundraiser for PETE HOLMES, who is running for Seattle City Attorney.

If Pete is your man -- or if you'll do me a personal favor and stop by to consider giving him your vote -- there is no need to read on. I'll see you at this GIVE-WHAT-YOU-CAN benefit.

Though there is a $50 VIP option available, this is a fundraiser for the people, the everyday musician, the barista, the bartender. This is a fundraiser for YOU and YOUR next City Attorney; just 30 minutes of your time on Thursday can make a big difference in this City's future.

If there is any doubt, please continue:

You are receiving this because your livelihood, in some way, is connected to a healthy nightlife in Seattle. You may be a photographer who thrives on the rich cultural opportunity of our city. Perhaps you build the bars and restaurants that we all love. It could be that you're in a band, you're a DJ, or you simply love to go out once the sun goes down.

It could be that you style hair for a living, and you've got a flock of ladies and gentlemen who always visit before they head out for a night in the clubs. The fact is, we all benefit -- emotionally, financially, and culturally -- from a thriving nightlife. And this year, there is a CRITICAL choice you have to make regarding the future of Seattle. One candidate in the race for City Attorney is pro-nightlife. The other is not.

PETE HOLMES is who I am supporting. Pete believes that responsible business owners, operating within the boundaries of the law, should be allowed to thrive and operate without harassment. He believes in a vibrant nightlife. He is endorsed by the Seattle Times and most likely will be endorsed by the Stranger. He is a savvy attorney who will work for the people.

For the last six years he served as chairman of the City's Office of Professional Accountability Review Board -- the group that polices the police. As a result of the board's work, 29 changes were recommend AND adopted by the Seattle Police Officers' Guild. He is a graduate of Yale and the University of Virginia School of Law and would bring over 25 years of expertise in the field to this very important job.

Tom Carr, who is at the helm of the status quo currently running the City, does not deserve your vote. He runs his office with a puritanical streak. Quite simply, he hates bars and nightlife. Really.

He sees your love of music and clubs, your investment in bars and nightlife, as a nuisance to be wiped out. He was behind Operation Sobering Thought, which squandered over $50,000 of taxpayer money and arrested dozens of innocent nightlife workers, all in the name of a reckless publicity stunt; he masterminded the overt effort to shut down Neumos earlier this year; the campaign of harassment that occurred at Havana and dozens of other bars that resulted in the loss of THOUSANDS of dollars in sales and countless ruined nights out was his brainchild.

Oh, and did I mention the sudden, increased attention paid to a number of bars in the Capitol Hill neighborhood that happen to have a gay and/or lesbian clientele? He is bad. Very bad. Plus, he hates puppies.

Come out and support PETE HOLMES this Thursday, October 8, between 6 and 8 PM at Havana.

Holmes is pro-nightlife and doesn't have the vindictive streak that features so prominently in Carr's office. Holmes is a passionate defender of civil rights. The endorsements he's received so far -- combined with those he'll likely receive in the near future -- show that he's a common sense candidate. And he is definitely not Tom Carr.

See you at Havana!


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