Tuesday, June 22, 2010

An Evening at Maxine's! (Actually at Via Tribunali in Georgtown!)

An Evening at Maxine's is a Circus Cabaret set at Via Tribunali. The audience members become patrons of Maxine's restaurant and are treated to high-quality circus acts and hilarious clowning over the course of the evening. The waiter is riding a unicycle, the busboy can't help but juggle a few plates, and the maitre d' is tumbling down the aisles. Drawing talent from SANCA in Georgetown and from as far away as San Francisco and Montreal, these spectacular performers will put on a once in a lifetime show.

An evening at Maxine's includes a 4 course meal including (Antipasti, Salad, Pizzas and Dessert.) take place at Via Tribunali in Georgetown June 25th, 7pm, $45 (includes taxes and gratutity)

To make reservations Call Leslie at Via Tribunali 206-464-2880


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